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At ravenswood services we offer a range of what we have termed metaphysical services. Life is busy and at times stressful, everyone has challenges in their lives and these can effect our health and our ability to function well at work and at home. Years of study and research into the energy of life have allowed me to overcome and heal my many of my own physical mental and emotional challenges of life , culminating in recovery from  a life changing motorcycle accident in 2012. As a practising Reiki energy master / teacher with over 20 years experience in the field of energy work combined with a background in analytical chemistry and explosive engineering we combine a scientific background to matters metaphysical with the aim of using this to provide simple and effective solutions to improve wellbeing through workshops  and one to one sessions. Working as reiki energy master teacher  in  “life support” we currently work with many organisations as a facilitator and healer  including training and staff development for hostile environments, team building, corporate mindfulness facilitator and as a healer and teacher within the hospice organisation. Corporate Workshops We can tailor workshops to suit your organisation or business, which can be followed up with small groups or teams sessions and one to one sessions. Please email us to discuss your ideas and requirements.. Reiki Healer - master teacher Reiki has its roots in Japan and Tibetan Buddhism, it is a powerful system for self healing and self development applicable to all aspects of life.  Reiki translates as universal life force energy, and is one of many healing systems to allow us to access additional energy to support us in our well-being. In addition to Reiki healing to support people through their own challenges we also teach Reiki courses so that anyone can learn how to connect to and bring that energy into their own lives. Additional information on this powerful system can be found on our Reiki website Raven Reiki Please Email for further information or click on the links below for our metaphysical websites Wands and Light Tools Since 1997 we have been co-creating hand carved selenite wands and light tools. The majority of our work is done on a commissioned basis and we have been called to create many wands and light tools over the last 20 or so years. We also create selenite lights , palms tones and engraved selenite light towers More information and a large gallery of our work can be found on our wand workshop page
Please Email for further information or click on the links below for our metaphysical websites
Up coming Book Since recovering from a life changing motorcycle accident in 2012 and sharing my journey through what i feel has been an interesting life a number of people have suggested i write my autobiography, until such time as its finished , here is the draft introduction… Introduction On the morning of the 13th of September 2012 at around 8.20  I experienced what can only be described as a life changing event. One moment i was riding my Harley to work on a glorious autumn morning and the next instant I was laying in the road broken and fighting to stay alive.  Some three quarters of an hour later I found myself pain free and in a very different place , but ultimately I found MYSELF , as soul , and I was offered a choice ...... do you want to go on to what comes next or do you want to return to your body, a body in considerable pain and rather battered, but a body non the less.  Experiencing yourself as soul definitely changes your perception of life. Looking back on this life up to the accident seems to have been very much one of experimenting and experiencing life to the fullest.  I came to the realisation that The accident not only shattered my leg but also shattered ME. My journey post accident has been very much a journey into self and self discovery as i initially struggled and eventually strove to learn and grow from those experiences. This book is a record of that journey, and my best attempt to share that experience with anyone who is interested enough to read it. I am not alone in having a near death experience, there are many books and other works on the subject, this is my attempt to widen that body of knowledge. Over the course of my recovery I talked with family , friends, random strangers, folks on social media on occasions, and indeed health care professionals about my life and the accident. The idea of a book was a recurring theme, its taken a while to complete. Writing this book has on one level been a cathartic process to put to paper the experiences of the last 6 years, to mark the end of a chapter and to move on with life post accident.  While laying on the road I had a real fear  that if i die now, so much of what i have learned, and experienced, my personal perceptions on life in all its many layers would die with me, unspoken, or spoken at the wrong time or place or the wrong person. Its taken me a years to find a constructive way to get those thoughts and feelings and perceptions into the world and this book forms a large part of that process. To my family, friends, work colleagues, anyone who follows me on face-book and in particular some groups on whatsap my apologies for the often disjointed free wheeling flow of gibberish on occasions, I hope that on reading this book some of it will make sense now. I have struggled to settle on a format for the book, I am cautious of  getting caught in a big ego trip. As any one who knows me in day to day life I have a fairly enormous ego as it is, the last thing it needs is any encouragement.  That said I suppose all autobiographies are ultimately an ego trip, in fact life is an ego trip if you choose to look at it that way. This book is definitely not intended as a wow look at what i have been through, if at any time it comes across as a look how amazing I am or a bit of a poor me story then accept my apologies.  I have been through my challenges , however over the course of this life I have met souls whose life challenges, who's injuries, diseases and tragedies  make my experiences seem like a picnic in the park. To those brave souls you have my deepest respect and i hope in time you will share your story. This book is written in three parts, the first is Body an autobiographical  narrative of my journey up to that fateful morning, a way to share some of the peaks and the odd trough of this life up to 2012. Body includes a very personal experience of that transition in and out of my body , and my journey to heal not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional bodies following the accident. The second part of the book is mind. I suppose it could be said i have always had an enquiring mind, for years I have had a deep interest in all aspects of life as we experience it. What is the purpose of life, how does it all work, why as a society we do things a certain way, what can we choose to do to improve life here for the benefit of all . The mind section is where I hope i managed to expand on some thoughts and  ideas many of which i attempted to share in the past via social media soapboxes. It took me quite a while to realise that very few people reads past the more.... part of a long face-book post, and even if they are interested its very hard to find that post again once its in the information storm we all live in. The third and final section of the book is Soul, its written from my souls perspective,  little bit of life the universe and everything, matters metaphysical . In essence perceptions on the mystery of life and the meaning of life the universe and everything It will probably add up to 42  In closing this book is intended for anyone who has been through similar challenges, or is going through them. The one thing every single human being has in common is that we will face that final journey through the door marked summer. If by sharing my experience it can bring some comfort or allay some fears then I hope this book will be of service. There may be parts of the book which sit comfortably with you and reinforce and confirm your understanding of what life is all about. There may be parts of this book which open you up to looking at life and our world in a new way, which trigger your own journey into self. There may be parts of this book which challenge your world view to such a degree that you may find yourself angry that someone could write or believe such drivel which is equally valid. I have found that through disagreements and working out why we fundamentally disagree with another's view on life, politics, religion, dietary choice,  we gain greater understanding into our own personal truths, and how we see the world and our place in it. The simple fact of life is there is no such thing as THE TRUTH, because truth is a personal experience. What's true for me, may not be true for you, that's the joys of an infinite universe, so here follows my truth... to be continued ……….